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ASB bug in solo game - HELIOS PRO



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Zone Bunny

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Post 26 Nov 2015, 08:22

ASB bug in solo game - HELIOS PRO


We have a problem with ASB. When we play in solo, ASB restarts all the time and we can not have score ! We play in Team, no problem. It's very crazy !

Could you help me ?


Jean-Philippe VALET
HELIOS Pro Reims - France


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Post 24 Feb 2016, 15:33

Re: ASB bug in solo game - HELIOS PRO

Hi Liptoon..
Sorry for get you in trouble...
If you can give me some more information about your issues will belp me a lot about this....

1.All solo game will cause ASB restart? if not, which game will cause ASB restart..
2.Which version of ASB you are using?
3.Which version of HLP you are using?
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