Post 05 Jan 2016, 07:49

Membership/Achievement issue


I played at the Ultrazone Bensalem location from noon until 10pm on Saturday the 2nd of January, and noon until 5pm on Sunday the 3rd of January. I played every game I could get into...estimated, I'd say I played at least 10 games on both days. I made sure to scan my card, and the name DID show up on the device, signifying I was scanned in. When I check on the website today (the 4th of January), it shows that I only played 4 games on Saturday and two on Sunday...I know that is incorrect.

Furthermore, when I did scan my avatar/image was incorrect. It did not match the one I have set up on the website. I also do not see any achievements listed when I log-in to the website, when I'm quite sure I've qualified for a few of them.

Thanks in advance,
Argo :)