Post 15 Sep 2019, 04:44

Custom lazer tag weapon

Hello, if im in wrong section or somthing, im realy sorry, can delete this. Didint realy find place to ask for this kind of help :)

So my plans is to make my own lazer tag weapon for outdoor games mostly. Im new to all the lazer tag game, but realy like it. At the moment im just renting my gun, but you know your own gun is better :)

So what is my question - where do i can buy or check emty weapons(black, non firing) ? I think about puting lazer tag system in full steel gun, for more realistc feeling and not so easy to break like plastic.

Mostly i want to get M4 or Ak-47 replicas , also was thinking about light machin guns(but you know they are heavy full metal) , and after that i just put system in and config all manualy ,not my self but help from player who already do that.

Any suggestion and tips would be cool. Webs or ads where i could but replica guns for decent price.

And does airsoft gun also could be ok, remade into lazer tag gun ?

And what about border thing, when trying to get replicas pass them?

Thanks , and if its out off topic , i will delete it ;)