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Outdoor Mobile Laser Tag

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Outdoor Mobile Laser Tag

What sort of equipment are you guys all using? I am interested as I have a mobile laser tag business in Sydney which I would like to expand.
At the moment I have about 200 Battletag blasters (which are really great, but not really available any more).
I focus on birthday parties in and around Sydney, but also do corporate events, team building etc.

I found that the Battletag equipment is quite sophisticated, and its really difficult for kids to cheat as everything is controlled by the software.
I am interested to find out how the Helios equipment might compare - happy to have a few pros from this forum give me a call and have a few free games to get a comparison and feedback.

My website is www.laserwarriors.com.au or www.facebook.com.au/laserwarrior

These are mostly pics and videos of our birthday program, but the equipment fits and works really well with youths and adults too.


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Re: Outdoor Mobile Laser Tag

Hey there,

The majority of this forum is players of Zone Systems gear (Infusion, Nexus (Gen1, Gen2), and Helios)
We welcome everyone however, and are always looking for new people to share their knowledge :).

The most common portable system most of us have experience with is Begeara (more info: http://begeara.com/ )

I believe Zone 3 Canberra is running Nexus Gen 2 at this time, and Wallsend is running half Infusion packs, half Nexus packs (from memory, I may be wrong.)

In addition, my home site is running Helios PRO, so if you'd like any info about that, I'm more than happy to give you a run down of it :).

Some Canberra and NSW natives are generally hanging around on here, so I'm sure they'd love to take the opportunity to try out your gear as well!

Delano wrote:I focus on birthday parties in and around Sydney, but also do corporate events, team building etc.

Birthday parties are definitely the life-blood of a centre, but members and leagues help heaps as well!

Just for good measure, here's some pics of the different types of gear we usually use:





Infusion is fairly old, and there's very few Australian sites running it anymore. Nexus is the gear that came after Infusion, and Helios is the latest iteration from Zone Systems.
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