Post 12 May 2019, 16:13

Rule book submissions

Here is the most recent edition of the rule book. We open it up for you to have submissions for input as to what changes you think should be implemented.

While we will accept all submissions made and review them WE WILL ONLY ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS THAT ARE GIVEN VIA EMAIL.

As people have liked to do in the past feel free to use facebook as a constructive discussion platform but if you put a suggestion in a comment thread there is no guarantee it will be seen.

I have attached the rulebook in pdf and word forms. If i have grabbed the wrong edition as there were many posted last year in quick succession please let us know and the new one will be put up.

Submissions will be open from now until Wednesday May 29th, it is our goal (not a guarantee) to release a complete rulebook before prenats 2.

Finally, please ignore the site specific section.
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ZLTAC-Rulebook-2019-V3 (1).pdf
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