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2016 Committee Meeting Agenda #1

Hi guys,
Agenda for our first meeting is attached. We should be having our meeting on roughly thursday (7 Apr 2016)
We are not accepting more topics for discussion for this meeting, if you provide us feedback / ideas, it will be added to the second meeting's agenda.
Thanks - post if you have any questions!
Hope you guys find this interesting :)

Thanks heaps to Beefy and Dorky who cut this down from 5,500 words to 833 :P

Zone Laser Tag Australasian Championships
Nationals Committee Adelaide 2017

1. Attendees
2. Apologies
3. Scheduling / event modifications
3.1. Change Lord of the Rings to Warlords
Committee to discuss whether to the change the Lord of the Rings event to Warlords, which is a doubles version of Lord of the Ring.
3.2. Run Lord of the Rings or Warlords on Nexus equipment
Committee to discuss whether to run the Lord of the Rings or Warlords on Nexus equipment.
3.3. Concurrent events / training times
Committee to discuss whether to shift ‘spectator’ (Lord of the Rings or Warlords) to scheduled training days.
3.4. Triples format
Committee to discuss the possibility of trialling Team Elimination as the triples event.
3.5. Side event game number modification
Committee to discuss whether to modify the number of games played in the finals for side events.
3.6. Team competition split
Committee to discuss whether to split the competition if there is a sufficiently large number of teams registered to play.
4. Rule additions / amendments
Committee to discuss whether the rulebook needs to be amended to reflect the below.
4.1. Appropriate attire / offensive imagery
4.2. Offensive team names / aliases
4.3. Inclusiveness
4.4. Format details
The format overviews in the rulebook do not specify Reload Immunity Time.
4.5. Missing information / inconsistencies
Rule 6.3 does not require the referee to instruct players to continue playing and immediately alert the competition coordinator.
Lord of the Rings has four second stuns in the game format overview in the rulebook and three second in the game script.
5. Rule interpretation issues
5.1. Covering
Committee to discuss the covering rules, reflecting concerns that the rules were not being applied or were being applied consistently.
5.1.1. Raptor arms
5.1.2. Phasor on stomach
5.2. Sound masking
Committee to examine rules around sound masking, reflecting concerns about sounds masking at the 2016 Nationals competition.
5.2.1. Phasor speaker
5.2.2. In game communications
5.3. Other
Committee to review the current scope relating to the use of electronic devices in the arena.
5.3.1. FitBits / Communications devices
6. Volunteering
Committee to review the expanded use of volunteers that occurred at the 2016 Nationals competition.
6.1. Logistics
6.1.1. Volunteering scheduling
6.1.2. Amount of volunteers
6.1.3. Supplies for volunteers
6.1.4. Uniforms
6.2. Roles and responsibilities
6.2.1. Limitation of powers
6.2.2. Clear role description
6.2.3. Bias
6.2.4. Entitlement
6.2.5. Ejection process
6.3. Media team specific
6.3.1. Bandwidth / speed issues
6.3.2. Stand ins / Back up staffing
6.4. Request for volunteers
7. Referees
Committee to review whether to institute requirements for supplying referees and training to improve the quality of available referees.
7.1. Requirements
7.1.1. State requirements
7.1.2. Team requirements
7.1.3. Penalties for failing to supply referees
7.1.4. Allowing trainee referees to act as full referees in certain circumstances
7.1.5. Requalification of existing referees
7.2. Training
7.2.1. Referee meeting
7.2.2. Interpretation videos
7.2.3. Online referee test
7.2.4. Leniency / reluctance test
There was a concern that newer referees were reluctant to terminate more experienced players.
7.2.5. Standardised interpretation
7.2.6. Training deadlines
8. Procedure
Committee to examine practices adopted in previous Nationals competitions to improve the quality of future events. This discussion will focus on ‘behind the scenes’ practices.
8.1. Referee assignment
8.1.1. Coloured cards
8.1.2. Named God boxes
8.1.3. Coloured clipboards with named sheets
8.2. Referee procurement
8.2.1. Lord of the Rings / Warlords Pools
8.3. Games
8.3.1. Game restart / crash procedure
8.3.2. Colour picking
8.3.3. Visible Lord of the Rings scoreboard
8.4. Results / Events Management
8.4.1. Double checking finals results
8.4.2. Event management checklist
9. Shields / Awards / Trophies
Committee to discuss the concerns raised by the community about the location of former shields.
10. Host site specific
Committee to identify a list of recommended actions for site operator to undertake during a Nationals.
10.1. Technical
10.1.1. Full audit of equipment prior to teams finals
10.1.2. Train support staff on basic technical faults
10.1.3. Scoreboard saving
10.2. Logistics
10.2.1. Obtain additional cleaning supplies
11. Intra Committee
11.1. Rule sets
Committee to discuss how to best codify previous decisions that may not have been documented.
11.2. Member roles
Committee to consider measures to improve the level of Committee continuity over the years.
11.2.1. Length of terms
11.2.2. Number of player representatives
11.3. Announcement procedures
Committee to consider measures to improve the timeliness and quality of decisions to the community.
11.4. Tightened organisation
11.4.1. Spare player allocation
11.4.2. Cloud storage solution for records, documents and other materials
11.4.3. Facebook development direction
12. Registration and Pre National Organisation
Committee to discuss how to improve the registration and pre Nationals organisation.
12.1. Registration form additions
12.1.1. First year players
12.1.2. Age restrictions for events
12.1.3. Additional information for attendees covered under Guardianship provisions
12.2. Accommodation
12.3. Preparation and inclusiveness
12.3.1. Running package for Site Hosts
12.3.2. Identify and encourage other countries to attend the Australasian Nationals competition
12.3.3. Host site application process
13. Immediate action
13.1. Referee tracker database
13.2. Song list for Masters’ / Women’s
13.3. Committee page
14. Other business
15. Next scheduled meeting
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