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2016 Meeting Actions + Meeting Summary

Hi guys, attached & below are the Actions assigned, and summary of the meeting we held on the 7/04/2016, and 8/04/2016 (it went for a while).


Actions to be Undertaken (Not sorted chronologically)

- Frame personal correspondence and tie up loose ends left-over from old committee

- Ensure Registration / Guardianship forms are provided to Committee
- Speak to Vector about health, power & time left on reload and deactivated state of pack screen
- Nail down Nationals Dates

- Ensure Media team follows offensiveness guidelines
- Referee Induction Checklist
- Shield Changes / Organisation (plaque, ownership documents)
- Referee Termination Tracker Database

- Contact Staffing Shortlist
- Speak to someone (SheX/Vector?) about coding concerns for Doubles LotR
- Post regarding volunteers coordinating whitelist of electronic devices
- Ensure volunteering recruiting post has key objectives and requirements
- Contact Vector about
o Committee Page on Website
o Clearer way of announcing results (Committee, Site Noms)
o Cloud Storage for Documents
o Electronic Registration
- Divide documents into sections, collate

- Create a Forum thread for Team Comp Split discussion
- Contact Falcoss to get him to post his idea
- Beefy posts his own idea, along with traditional Ascensions model
- Pros and Cons evaluation of each system
- Open Discussion available to all, to allow discussion of the merits

Scribes (Dorky / Beefy + Tim / Simmy)
- Create rules for offensive imagery, inclusiveness, and offensive aliases
- Verify reload immunity time & put into rulebook
- Missing info (reload immunity, lotr stuns) to be added to rulebook
- Specify with gun on stomach that there must be pressure to warrant a term
- Phasor and Speaker levels for comp in settings table – look at modifying examples for masking
- Code of Conduct for Volunteers (to include limitations of powers, role description, bias, entitlement, ejection)
- First Year Player section on registration
- Committee Regulations & Procedure Document –Update old Doc, formalise everything
- New Player Induction Welcoming Pack (eg. Don’t wear team shirt to midweeks) tips combined with Committee Regulations & Procedure
- Ongoing development of Scribe / Committee / Meeting Frameworks for future years

Tim n Ben
- Try different format combinations for Doubles LotR
- Co-ordinate which Doubles LotR to try at Pre-Nats
- Collate Feedback from Pre-Pre-Nats and Pre-Nats
- Rule interpretation videos, record at prenats, interpretation rulings and scripts for video

Simmy n Bek
- Song List for Masters / Womens

Tim n Ben n Simmy
- Tournament Guidebook
- Comprehensively Form Survey (Context & detail – Pros ‘n’ Cons)

Whole Committee
- Come up with unique name for Doubles LotR
- Open up volunteering soon

Head Referees (when appointed)
- Act as a testing ground for elevation to AEC and EC

Deferred to Meeting 2
- Discussion of a Non-Trophy Team Elimination competition as a preface to main comp (maze awareness)
- Age restrictions on Guardianship
- Guardianship in detail
- Age restrictions on Events / Difference between main comp & side events
- Age Cut Off (Juniors / Masters)
- Group Accommodation
- Drop Doubles from 12 minutes to 10 minutes per game
- Discuss Covering at length – permissible stances/holds?

Decisions Reached (No Action to be Undertaken)
- Volunteers must be distinct from referees. Siding with the Ref does not apply to volunteers. Much larger onus on volunteers.
- Male & Female Volunteer Co-Ordinator
- Volunteer Co-ordinators to be picked later in the year, after a pool is gathered
- Induction for each new (first game) referee instead of having a general referee meeting.
- If referees are already qualified, they must only take the written test again, not be requalified.
- There will be no set referee allocation.
- Earlier registrations to allow better organisation
- Next meeting will take place in approximately a month, to cover tabled sections & action progress check-up

Preliminary Topics for Survey Questions

1. Doubles LotR?
2. Hold LotR on Nexus?
3. Non-Trophy Team Elimination Event?
4. Add an extra competition day to nationals (not including Q5)?
5. Hold spectator events in last training day?
6. Triples for Team Elim format this year as a try out / dry run?
7. Drop 1 game, play 4 and drop your worst to apply for all 5-game-finals-series side events
8. Modify lengths of term for some Committee Representatives?
9. Modify number of Player Representatives on the Committee?
10. Open ZLTAC Facebook Page to the public?
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